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Vulcraft Donates Products And Time To Create Shelter At Veterans Home

In: Vulcraft
Created: 18 Apr 2019

Nucor Vulcraft Group completed a unique, pro-bono project for the Norfolk Veterans Home in Norfolk, NE. Vulcraft donated the joist and decking, as well as the time dedicated by all departments - including sales, engineering, production, and shipping - for the Heroes Park Shelter. Other steel was also donated by a sister division, Nucor Steel.

In September 2009, Vulcraft was made aware of the need for improvements to the Norfolk Veterans Home. Vulcraft envisioned that a covered pavilion for outdoor gatherings was something well suited for their contribution and then challenged their design team to create a structure worthy of an area to be called “Heroes Park”. Vulcraft has provided products for structures throughout the community in the past, but this one took on a special meaning.

“Ultimately our team came up with a unique design for a pavilion in the shape of a star,” said Marlon Broekemeier, Engineering Manager of Vulcraft, Nebraska division. “The star shape is apparent from not only the air, but from beneath as well. The special figure created some unusual design and fabrication challenges, but our team didn’t let that deter them.”

The star is shaped by having the roof’s elevation vary in height. The roof features a lower elevation between each of the star points which allows for extra light and ventilation.

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