Veterans’ Wall of Heroes

Memory Plaza Norfolk Veterans Home

Norven D. Mayer shows his tile on the Wall of Heroes at the Flag Plaza in front of Norfolk Veterans Home.

Show your patriotism and support for Heroes Park by purchasing a tribute tile to honor your veterans. Whether your heroes served in the Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam or in a more recent conflict or whether your hero served in peacetime, he or she deserves to be remembered forever as a true patriot. Purchasing a tribute tile will allow his or her memory and life to be documented, recorded and remembered for and by future generations.

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Want to support Heroes Park but don’t have a personal hero to sponsor? Consider sponsoring one or more heroes that have no one to sponsor them by purchasing a tile in their name. We can help you select a hero and we can research and build the website. All veterans deserve to be remembered and honored.

If you would like to mail in your tribute, please download the form below and send payment to PO Box 528, Norfolk, NE 68702.

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Tribute Tile - Example Websites

Otto Diller Schmidt

Marsha A. Hanly

Sgt. Joshua Ford

Demonstration Video

Heroes Park Veterans

What is a SmartTag and how do I use it? Tags are 1 inch by 1 inch squares placed on tiles that include a computer chip that is activated by an “app” on a smartphone. The tag leads the user to a website that includes information about the person or organization featured on the tag.

What information can be loaded into a Smart Memorial webpage? Unlimited number of pictures, stories, text, video, and audio. This information can be changed and updated continuously by the site administrator.

Who is the site administrator? The site administrator is responsible for adding content to the website and is whomever the family chooses.

All veterans deserve to be remembered and honored -
Create a lasting tribute for a veteran today!